My PST scores January 13, 2014


Swim: 10:07

Push ups: 70

Sit ups: 75

Pull Ups: 20

Run: 10:14

All of these times except for the run are around average to above average PST scores. To really be competitive I need to drop my run and my swim by 45 seconds. Although not phenomenal, a score like this could get someone a SEAL contract if they have a real high ASVAB and a high C-SORT. Hopefully this will give you guys a ball park idea of what some of the DEP spec war wannabes are performing at.

New page!

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts, been helping with a new page focused around motivation and action towards your future dreams in the military. Check out the link, it might just change your lifeĀ http://blackbeard-actual.tumblr.com/

SEAL team 2 Vietnam
waking up terrorists since 1962

It’s sunsets like these that let our pilots wear those really cool sunglasses.

Brothers till the end
respect those who serve
sorry for the lack of posts, crazy college work!  Here are some Navy SEALs
These are 4 of the 5 Warriors killed this weekend in defense of our Country. They deserve our undying gratitude even though our government has failed them. Please help me honor them so they are not forgotten.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seal-of-Honor/182249954768
" From the briny, briny deep, From where all those in Davy Jones locker sleeps.The bearers of the trident of Neptune, who dwells in his coral castle keep.Silent sentinels of America’s elite By bullet, by blade or the wooden stake or stave.They seek those of evil and place them, in their mere mortal, Earthly graves.And, lest we shall never forget,They hail from the Home of the Brave.Ever so silent, humble and you may never hear their very own, God given Noble names.By Oath, Creed and Noble Quest."And When Evil Calls…You Will Deal With America’s Very Best."- Regards, and Thank You,For all You Do.Amen-Robert Hollingsworth
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